Moving Stretch® is a ground breaking new way to stretch that is distinct from yoga and traditional stretching. With great reviews from The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Tatler, it is an intuitive way of working with your body to get amazing improvements in posture, flexibility, movement, performance and energy.

Moving Stretch® works on the fascia, releasing the body from pain, stiffness and limitation and helping to create a naturally healthy body, which is strong, flexible and graceful.

Whether you are in pain, have an injury or biomechanical issue, or would like to improve your flexibility or posture, we have a wide range of tools designed to free you from tension, limitation and make you stand tall, move freely and feel stronger and more alive than ever. Because it is a system of both resistance self-stretches and assisted stretching, you can either have a one-on-one session, attend a class or even stretch online! We have qualified trainers working in the UK and soon internationally.

Are you ready to revolutionise your body?

Here are 3 ways you can get started with your stretching:

  1. Have a One-on-one stretching session, where you are stretched by a trainer
  2. Go to our Group classes where you stretch yourself
  3. Sign up to our online stretching course and stretch anywhere

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Please note that we have recently rebranded, having formerly been known as Revive Stretching. Our new website is being launched soon with new videos and tools to get you stretching.


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