The Times on Revive Stretching™

Waterworth is the UK’s leading “stretchpert



Interview with Adrien Chiles in The Saturday Times

“…Suzanne has come up with exactly what I went to her for: a short, simple stretching regime.. .. to help stave off the premature rigour mortis that seems to afflict us all.”


The Guardian on Revive Stretching™ 

“the feeling after the session was incredible…”

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See what Stuart thought here.


Tatler on Revive Walking Massage: 

“kneading trigger points with her toes.. .. effectively loosing the fascia”


See the article here: When You’re Tightly Wound: Walking Massage with Suzanne Waterworth.



Evening Standard on Assisted Resistance Stretching:

“It obviously works. Now I just need to convince someone to come and do this with me every day.”

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Read More Here: Bend me, shape me: why it’s time to find your stretch buddy – Health & Beauty – Life & Style – London Evening Standard

Fabric Magazine on Walking Massage: 

Dubbed “life changing”, Suzanne Waterworth’s treatments have to be experienced to be believed.”


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Radio Interview with Josephine Pembroke at Radio Gorgeous

Josephine says: “I’ve never been walked on before, except metaphorically”


Barefoot Massage, Reviving Stretch & Healing with SUZANNE WATERWORTH Gorgeous Wellbeing by Radio_Gorgeous on Mixcloud


Interview on Talk Radio Europe with yoga teacher, actor and presenter Jo Price, after a Resistance Stretching session with Suzanne.

“I’ve never felt anything like it… She really did make me feel incredible and it just kind of released everything…”