You can also stretch yourself! This is brilliant for getting long-lasting changes and having an increasingly strong, upright and flexible body.

Classes currently run in London and Bristol check out this page for more info.

Self-Stretching is a great way to maintain and improve your posture and health for life, just by committing to a fairly regular practice. You could do as little as 10 minutes a day and still experience a great benefit. At the moment the best way to learn the stretches is to come to a class, but there is an online course which will take you through three great stretching routines (see below). Coming soon: online tutorials and videos and my book: “Moving Stretch: Stretch Your Fascia to Free Your Body” will be available from August.

Sign up here for the Moving Stretch® online stretching course, which gets you lifetime access for a one-off fee, so you can stretch anywhere that has wifi. Use this special code to get a discount exclusive to those who have visited my website: “Revive Stretching™”


And when you sign up for the online course you get free access to the 30 Day Challenge – do any of the routines once a day for 30 days and see how your body transforms!

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And for when you need a little more motivation, here are a couple of Spotify playlists you can use to bring even more colour your stretching sessions:

Stretching Chill Out Music


Stretching! Higher Energy Playlist