Moving Stretch® is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Not yoga, not pilates, PNF, or static (“normal”) stretching; it requires that we engage our muscles continuously throughout a specific movement. By engaging our muscles, we also engage the fascia, which is a type of dense connective tissue, so that when we stretch we can restructure our fascia, leading to significant and more lasting change.

There are two main branches of this system: 1) Self-Stretching and 2) Assisted Stretching.

For more information on self-stretching visit this page and for more information on the assisted stretching (where you are stretched) see below.


In a Moving Stretch® session you will usually have walking massage first, in order to warm up the tissue and prepare the fascia for stretching. This is also a great way to relieve tension and release old “stuck” areas.



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During the stretching you will be performing a number of different movements always with close supervision and guidance. Quite often you will be  pushing one way and I another, so it may feel a little like arm wrestling at times! However, there is a very subtle and delicate aspect to the stretching and it is always tailored to your body, your tissue and specific health and posture.



You can expect to feel lighter and to move differently than before. By removing the excess fascia you will have been “released” from old tissue pulling you down, so you will likely be able to move more lightly and easily, be more open in your posture and also feel a benefit to your health and mood.

Many clients say that they feel lighter, more upright, taller, have easier movement and more energised straight away. Others report significant benefits over a longer period including reduced or completely resolved pain, improved performance in sport and exercise, better posture, reduction in cellulite, improved mood and overall improved health and vitality. I believe many of my long-term clients look younger now than when I first started to see them several years ago.

The book of all the stretches (Moving Stretch: Stretch Your Fascia to Free Your Body, Lotus Publishing)  will be available to buy this summer and you can also try it for yourself through a one-on-one session, class, the online videos and now also teacher training courses. Please see the relevant pages for more info.