Sign up to Revive’s online stretching course and stretch every day for 30 days to experience the transformative powers of Revive Stretching!

I have seen clients go from hunched-over hobbits to confident and tall humans within a few days.

Do you want better posture, relief from your tight and sore shoulders, do you want to stand a little taller, move more naturally, freely and gracefully? Give this challenge a go and find out what a difference Revive Stretching can make to your life.

If you are in any doubt, look at these results a previous client had when he came to be stretched by me:


This man was being stretched, rather than stretching himself, but this was the result of only 4 one hour sessions, so imagine what you can do in 30 days!!

Revive stretching helps you shed unnecessary pain, tension and age.

For a limited time you can also enter a competition to be featured in a special feature blog on physical transformation with stretching in Revive’s blog, a chance to be in the new book and the money you paid back!! Simply do the 30 day challenge and record your improvements by taking high-quality photos before, halfway through and after.

Take the time to read all the way to the end of this page to get the most out of your competition.


Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up to the online course

Use the discount code “My Clients” to get you £11 off the price

And access the course here: https://www.udemy.com/resistance-stretching-for-great-posture-energy-and-vitality/


  1. Look at these guidelines for taking photos BEFORE you start:
  • Consistency is important . Try to wear the same clothes, stand in the same place, with the same lighting, commit to either with or without shoes, with a similar stance and a plain white background is best
  • Take a photo of yourself facing forward, sideways and the back of you if possible (this is where it is helpful to have a friend help you!)
  • Although this is a course for general flexibility, you may be able to reach some specific personal goals. Why not think of one, for example it could be touching your toes, doing the splits, doing a specific yoga pose or even just sitting cross legged properly. If you do have a goal, you can document it with photographs, make sure you are doing the move properly, ie. for touching your toes make sure your knees are completely straight, and take a photo, using the same guidelines as above.
  • Photos should be taken before, during and after – so before you stretch on day one, before or after a stretching session on day 15 and after your final 30 day challenge session on day 30.


3. I recommend setting time aside every day in your schedule and deciding on a place to stretch. Once you have set everything up, you can start straight away, it does not have to be at a specific time of day! Do whatever feels right for your body.


4. If you want to enter the competition to win your money back and be featured in the blog, all you have to do is email hello@revive-stretching.com with a summary of how you found your stretching challenge and your photos, I will take this as permission to use your photos on the blog, but you are free to ask me to blur your face if you prefer. I may even ask if you would consider your story/ results being used in Revive’s upcoming book!!


I hope you have a great time making yourself feel great every day. These stretches are so effective and satisfying that you will start every day with increasingly better posture, health, vitality and a spring in your step.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your 30 Day Stretching Challenge here!!

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