Revive Stretching and Therapy™ provides some amazing therapy services including: Walking Massage, Acupuncture, Energy Work and Self-Development sessions.

This page is designed to give you an overview and help you choose what you might need, but for more specific information just click on the specific therapy for more detail.

Acupuncture is good if:

If you have an injury which is not going away and the area feels vulnerable, maybe too vulnerable for walking massage or stretching, you have a chronic health condition, you are frequently stressed or low on energy, you want to boost your fertility and health.

Walking Massage is good if:

You prefer deep-tissue massages, you have very tight muscles, which may be causing you pain and affecting your biomechanics and performance, you want your body to be more relaxed and take the tension and feeling of being compressed and tight away.

Energy Work is good if:

You have felt out-of-sorts for a while, something is wrong but you’re not sure what, you are at a cross-roads in life, you are finding yourself very influenced by other people, you lose energy quickly, the same things keep popping into your mind over and over again and you can’t seem to stop it.

Self-Development is good if:

You feel that the person others see is not the real you or you would like to: be more authentic, express yourself better, have more fun, worry less, feel empowered, be more creative, see life in a more refreshing and positive way, learn how to have fun with change, rather than run away from it and to feel that you are living your life fully rather than letting it (and opportunities) pass you by.