Level 1 Moving Stretch® training course, London, UK.

Next training dates: April-June 2017, exact dates tbc.

Cost: £820
Learn to teach Resistance Stretching classes and 1-on-1 sessions. Be qualified and working in 2016!

Level 1 Moving Stretch® training course, London, UK.

Next training dates: Residential,  intensive – October, exact dates tbc.

Cost: tbc

Learn to walking massage and the first level of assisted stretching.


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High Quality Training and a Respected Method



You will learn to deliver Moving Stretch® self-stretching classes to groups of up to 10 people. Your students will experience greater ease of movement, improved posture, more energy and reduce the risk of injury.




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We also train you to teach one-on-one sessions in self-stretching. This helps you to tailor all of the stretches to the individual and they will benefit from having your undivided attention.





By working with the fascia, this form of stretching gets incredible results, freeing people to move easily, stand tall and boost energy levels and mood.

This is an amazing opportunity to offer something that is such a needed skill, as outside of yoga and physiotherapy there is currently not very much on offer for people who want to learn how to stretch.

Learning this technique can put you miles ahead of your colleagues and help you and your clients to increase performance, improve posture, avoid injury and feel and look incredible.


This will be great both as a stand-alone session, or to add to your existing personal training, therapy or bodywork sessions. The stretching gets such great results your clients will really be happy with their progress and the way you help them to feel. Resistance stretching makes people feel different and better straight away, so your clients will experience the benefits very quickly after you start stretching.

On a personal level you will discover how to work with your body in order to improve your posture and performance, and feel more energetic, alive and satisfied.

You will learn:

  • Stretching Anatomy and Physiology
  • Fascia and its role in stretching
  • How to do Moving Stretch®
  • Effective Moving Stretch® Exercises
  • Different combinations of stretches and different types of classes
  • Using stretches prescriptively and safely 
  • How to teach a Moving Stretch® Self-Stretching class
  • How to give a one-on-one Moving Stretch® Self-Stretching lesson
  • Overview of business and ethics. 

At the successful completion of this course you will:

  • Be qualified to teach a Moving Stretch® Self-Stretching class
  • Be qualified to conduct a one-on-one Moving Stretch® Self-Stretching lesson
  • Be able to maintain a healthy, flexible and strong body through self-stretching
  • Receive a certificate which will allow you to be insured to teach (with Balens insurance)

This course is also a prerequisite to the Level 2 training, which covers advanced self-stretching and basic Assisted stretching (you stretch other people).

Next training: May 14th & 15th, June 11 & 12th and July 2nd & 3rd.

The training is in-person for 3 weekends in London over 3 months, with attendance at 3 stretching classes, case study work and extra study in between. You need to have a successful interview (via Skype or in person) and pay a deposit to gain a place on the course.

NB it may be possible for you to make up one of the weekends if you cannot make that date, in a one-on-one session, there will be an extra charge of £150 for this, and it will be in a different venue.

It is also possible to do an private, intensive course. The cost is higher but you can study at your convenience and will have the undivided attention of your tutor.

Learn something amazing that will amaze others this year.